You can drink alcohol but still can remain hangover free next day

Whoever drinks, it is undoubtedly their desire to not look drunkard after getting out of the bed next day. Firstly to initiate our discussion on what decides how much drunk you are, is it what type of alcoholic drink you have consumed or in which form you have consumed it? Well, contrary to this answer is none of them exactly.  It is something called Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or also called Blood Alcohol Concentration, which essentially determines the “percentage of alcohol” present in the blood. Generally speaking, it is just how much of alcohol is in your blood decides how much drunk you are. Thus if we are crossing a limit of that it can make us sick.

Following things can be taken care to have a hangover-free morning:

  • Eating something (preferably bread) is recommended before start drinking because it can slowdown the absorption of alcohol
  • Keep yourself away from the habit of rounds as this may lose your control on how much you drink
  • If you have a choice always try to stick with the clear drinks. The brownish drinks like rum and whiskey lead to more hangovers compared to clear drinks like vodka and gin because they contain less congeners which lead to more chances of hangovers. Congener is a chemical which gives brownish drinks a distinct character. So always remember a thumb rule “the darker the liquor more will be the hangover.”
  • Always drink water in between your drinks as it keep you hydrated
  • Always try to complete your drinks before the evening as it may help in timely start of process of elimination after absorption of alcohol. It takes approximately an hour to absorb one unit of alcohol. One unit of alcohol is equal to 10 millilitres or 10 gram of alcohol quantity.
  • Before going to sleep drink plenty of water as it will keep you hydrated throughout night

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