Spinach, a longevity vegetable

  • Spinach is a source of high level of antioxidants; vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and folic acid (it is water soluble vitamin B).
  • The dietary antioxidants in spinach delay ageing process by stopping oxidative cellular damage which is the major factor in determination of longevity in living beings. Oxidative cellular damage is caused because of oxidation of body cells as it causes more wear and tear of the body cells.
  • Vitamin A also called “anti-infective vitamin” because it plays a crucial role in body’s immune system. Vitamin A is good for eyes as it protects damage of lens and retina.
  • Spinach also has anti-cancerous effects which help in prevention of cancers. Folic acid present in it has anti-cancerous effects. Folic acid also helps in prevention of heart diseases.

Need to take care: Nutritional Value of spinach is high when it is taken fresh.

Myths about spinach: Many people think spinach is a rich source of iron. Spinach does have iron but its dietary absorption is a problem because it also contains iron absorption-inhibiting substances. These substances prevent absorption of iron in the body.

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