Don’t miss these top seven rules for healthy snacking

Snack foods are important part of daily diet regimen as they can help in filling the nutritional gaps. Snacks are generally food items other than normal full meals, and they can be categorised as pre- or post-workout snacks or any intermediary bites taken to fulfil the hunger.  To fill the nutritional holes amply it becomes very important to have right choices for healthy snacking. Through this article we want to highlight top six rules to be taken care for healthy snacking. Everybody can use them as a guide or basic rules while choosing healthy snack foods.

Rule One:  Not eat directly from the packing or box – Snacking directly from the box of snacks food can lose your control over the quantity of eating. Considering that it is recommended to always take measured quantity of servings in your bowl, leave the kitchen and sit down on a couch or wherever you feel comfortable to enjoy your snacks.

Rule Two: Make sure your snacks have complete nutritional value – Snacking gives you an opportunity to fill the nutritional holes in your daily diet. For instance, if your lunch has missed the vegetables or fruits, it would be better to have vegetable salad or fruits in your snacks. Intelligent snacking will help in balancing your daily diet. We would recommend you to develop a list of healthy snacks as it will help you to save your time to think about the appropriate snacks.

Rule Three: Controlling nutritional value of the snacks food is important – Nutritional value of the snacks is very important. If you are concerned about weight gain, the recommended range is between 150 to 200 calories worth of snacks. Our suggestion would be to include couple of snack food items, such as having a combination of carbohydrate and protein or fibre rich snacks and proteins such as one apple and 4-5 almonds. We understand it is bit cumbersome to manage the nutritional value of snacks each and every time, so it is suggested to have a list of easy healthy snacks with nutritional value ranging from 150 to 200 calories handy. Always pick the healthy snacks.

Rule Four:  Pair your snack foods with water – While having your snacks it is always recommended to sip small amount of water after having couple of bites of healthy snack foods because it will not only help in proper hydration but will also keep your appetite under control by feeling full and satisfied. Pairing snacks with water will prevent additional calories to your body.

Rule Five: Eat slowly to feel satiated – Many people have habits to wolf down their snacks which lose control on how much you are eating. It is always recommended to at least take 15-20 minutes to eat your snack foods with an approximate value of 150 to 200 calories. Eating slow will give you a feeling of fullness and satisfaction once you are done.

Rule Six: Pre- and post-workout snacks are crucial – Proper snacks will not only burst you with energy to have a powerful workout but also assists in proper post-workout recovery. Pre- and post-workout snacks should be a combination of proteins and carbohydrates. It is recommended to have pre-workout snacks at least 30-45 minutes before the workout.  Proper post-workout snacks help in repairing and building muscles and recuperation of lost energy.

Rule Seven: Snacking help you lose weight – Snacking when followed with the rules mentioned above can help in losing weight effectively. Proper snacking can prevent you from taking high calorie treats and even reduces size of your dinner.

We are sure that sticking to these snacking rules will help you in achieving healthy lifestyle.

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